The time has come for me to leave my beautiful Australia, I gave her 25 years and met such amazing people, worked with the world’s best health professionals and maintained very loyal patients which I consider also my friends. The hardest part of leaving was I knew I would miss dearly my family, friends and patients. However, my journey had just begun as I was determined to move to the other side of the world and start a new life, where my life began, in Europe Macedonia. I was mixed with emotions, good and sad, the unknown was as scary as it was exciting for me and worst case scenario I could always go back!

This is in fact what most of my patients wanted. Instead of just leaving I pride myself with the fact that I told them all that I would stay in touch and that they can contact me anytime for advice and reminded them how far they had come from working with me and understanding their own capacity to heal. My mission was greater than just limited to Australia, I wanted to share with the Balkans my specialised trade and help these people also. It would have been easy for me to continue as I did in my own comfort zone in Melbourne but I knew I had greater things to move towards and I wanted to prove that I could move consciously without losing what I had created in Australia.

The government in Macedonia had no experience with osteopathy as there is not one osteopath with my training in the whole Balkan peninsula so I gathered all my degrees and submitted them for approval by the government.

While I waited I actually found a job position in France and Monaco and since I had never been to these places I bought a pair of red shoes, for good luck and got on a place to nice, azure coast. Monaco was luxurious, expensive but safe. It had the richest people from all around the world using its tax benefits and I found myself treating such intelligent wealthy people that were also very easy going and humble. As I got to know the locals and explored all the exclusive places, yachts, palace I realised one thing. Money doesn’t buy happiness!!! I added as much normality to these people’s lives as I could but I knew somehow this place was only short term for me.

Eventually, I would have to reconnect with my tribe as I call it, conscious people who are aware of a bigger mission on earth and have a balance between purpose and pleasure.


P.s. I bought a dog coz I was lonely Here’s Max ! The star of the clinic !!! Melted everyone’s hearts.

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