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This website is an ongoing offering to help support you and your loved ones to join a revolution, a family of conscious beings with like-minded vibrations, wanting to create something good and true in this world. We are part of the change of the collective consciousness and its time to create together our new reality, our heaven on earth.

You will be guided, nourished, supported and given all the tools you need to understand your soul calling and to take your first steps towards physical, mental, emotional and vibrational well-being.

True Health Info & Services

Master your body to use it as a vehicle for a better quality of life, spread more positivity in self and other people.
Through my practices of osteopathy, I will help your body connect and rebalance to allow more flow and circulation in the various systems, respiratory, nervous and hormonal systems.

Consciousness Seminars

There are many drastic changes happening at this very moment. Planetary, collective and Individual. These seminars have been specifically designed to help guide you through your personal journey or ascension. As your vibration changes so will your personal energy on a physical, mental and emotional level. We will guide you through the ascension stages and help you reach your full potential.

Coaching | Programs | Seminars

As you travel towards your journey to true health you will be supported and guided in one on one personal sessions via Skype or in person to help your body cope with the changes and activate your body’s natural innate capacity for self regeneration. With your one on one sessions you will receive personalised programs, tools, nourishment and guidance for your health concerns and growth.

About me: Dr. Aleksandra

Health care professional Doctor of osteopathic medicine, with international training and private clinical experience, combined with postgraduate specialisation and interest in biodynamic cranial sacral osteopathic therapy for babies, children, pre, during, post pregnancy and rehabilitation therapy post accident, physical and emotional trauma, drugs and depression.

Aiding the facilitation of divine health, well-being and principles for maintaining the highest level of quality of life possible on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Bring your ideas into reality!

There is a huge change showering us. The change of consciousness is coming through with exponential growth and its so powerful that it is knocking us into awareness that we have no choice but to take the leap that we were resisting for so long and jump towards our full potential.

We can help you Heal and Grow
  • One on One Healing sessions
  • Re-balance your body and mind
  • Discover your True Healh
  • One on One Body/Mind/Spirit Coaching sessions
  • Unveil the magnitude of your true essence
  • Unlock the gifts you have to offer to this world
  • Become your authentic Self
  • Walk the internal Path towards self-discovery
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  • Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy services
  • Rebalance and eliminate negative experiences
  • Post-injury rehabilitation and Recovery

Are you ready to step into your Power?

Body-mind-spirit integration coaching with Dr. Aleksandra.
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