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After 2 years in Monaco and numerous visits to family in Macedonia to recharge I was already planning my next move, to manifest a more joyful way of life. In February 2017 I was contacted by Tyler Tolman’s team to join them in Bali on a heal thy self-program.

I was buzzing with joy and without hesitation, I joined the team for one month in an intense water fasting program that changed my view on the limitations of the human mind and body. I was part of the healing team and would give the patients specialised osteopathic treatments alongside a magnificent team of health gurus. I also assisted in the medical analysis and testing to ensure safety and consistency for the patients during their fasting on water for 21 days.

The program was so intense yet rewarding. I had to provide 24 hr support to the patients alongside my team in hot conditions, around the clock.


I learnt so much about others and myself. The pure intention to go through this process and endure such mental, physical and emotional pain would throw anyone off the edge. These amazing people were fully aware of the hardship and the pain the program would bring out in them and they still made the decision to go through. The end results were astonishing as we all watched the patients flourish and shine with such powerful self-realization and new strengths and habits to take home with them and use for the rest of their lives.

Each day was an extensive routine that they had to partake as much as physically possible. Early morning walks on the beach and sunrise breathing techniques, yoga and meditation. After their blood was taken for analysis, they would have a few lectures daily all on health secrets and what is happening to their body during the fasting process. The 7 principles of health were taught and re-enforced, 7 rounds of 7 breathing and many exercises to release the habitual traps we get into that stop us from living a life of true joy and passion. Colonics twice a week, massage, mind training, osteopathy, breathe work and so many amazing speakers took up time to help patients to keep moving and not give up.

The sacred process of breaking the fast was very touching. These people did what most people would never imagine doing and they will go down in history alongside all the greats for fasting and stretching their mind and body’s capacity to the limits. Aristotle, Plato, Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed, Ghandi, swamis, yogis.

It was an absolute pleasure being a part of this amazing team and I was so grateful as I also felt part of a tribe and a community of conscious lifestyles that would be my family for ever.

Here’s some photos of our experiences and some videos of Tyler Tolman’s programs.

Well worth going and experiencing for yourself. Not to mention visiting Bali the heart chakra and purification of the world. Even I healed here without even planning!!! You will too….

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